Banners Gate

Primary School

Opening the gate to learning for all

Pupil Voice


House point totals are announced in assembly every Thursday. The House Captains from the winning team are awarded with the house point trophy.

Results for this week:


165 63 131





Congratulations to BLUE team!


Every child matters and indeed we take a pride in including the views of our pupils. We encourage the children to be involved in their own decision-making through class discussion and an active School Council. We also have a very pro-active Head Boy and Head Girl who are able to represent the opinions of our pupils.


Head Girl: Abigail

Deputy Head Girl: Aisha

Head Boy: Reece

Deputy Head Boy: Cayden

Ambassador: Daniel


The School Council


Nominations and elections have taken place across the school for the new school council.� Our new representatives are as follows:


Year 6 - Hannah, Kanza, Lilija and Yasmin

Year 5 - Daniel and Mikey

Year 4 - Chloe and Alfie

Year 3 - Abigail and Aneeba

Year 2 - Abigail and Jessica

Year 1 - Harry and Jack



As a School Council we look to work with other schools so that we can share ideas and see how effective their school council are and to ensure that we are as effective as we can be.


We will welcoming the school council from New Oscott in the next few weeks to have lunch with us. We will then join them later in the Spring term. This has now been an annual event in our calendar and we look forward to working with the school council fromNew Oscott.


Our school council played a big role in the running of the MacMillan Coffee Morning, helping to serve visitors, clearing tables, collecting children to have tea/coffee with the parents and talking to our visitors making them feel welcome. We raised the amount of £380.00 - thank you to everyone who attended this event.


The school council are working hard on the Mayor for Sutton Coldfield's challenge. This is where we look to help to keep our communities tidy and try to do good deeds. We have been working with our classes to collate what good deeds we have been doing, we will be taking this information to a meeting with the Mayor and other school councils to share. Whilst we are at the meeting we hope to share ideas as to how we can improve our community, we are all looking forward to this event.


Our Head Girl and Head Boy have worked with Councillor Rob Pocock. Mr. Pocock invited Niamh and Callum to support him at a local Council meeting for Sutton Coldfield. This is as a result of Takeover Day for children which is run by the Children's Commissioner. Takeover Day is a day where children have the opportunity to 'take over' an adult's job for all, or part of a day. Niamh and Callum thoroughly enjoyed taking over Mr. Pocock's role at the local council meeting. After the meeting they had a tour of the council house and visited the Lord Mayor's Chambers, both children had a thoroughly enjoyable day.


It is not going to be a quiet year for the team - follow us here for more information on what we have been up to.