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Sporting Updates


Girls' Football Team:

Well done to the BGPS girls' football team as they were victorious and UNBEATEN at the Sutton Schools' Football Tournament on Thursday 14th January 2016.



After winning the level 2 competition, the BGPS girls' team represented the Wilson Stuart Active Society at the Birmingham School Winter Games which took place at the Futsal Arena on Tuesday 9th February. The football team finished a very respectable 4th place after finishing 2nd in their group. Well done to the team and Coach Edmonds!


Swimming Team:

The BGPS swimming team participated at the Sutton Coldfield Primary Schools' Swimming Gala on Saturday 30th January. Well done to all of the pupils that competed at the event - it was a fantastic team performance!



Mixed Basketball Team:

The BGPS mixed basketball team participated in an inter-school tournament on Thursday 21st January. It was a fantastic team performance to finish in 2nd place!



Year 4 Football Festival:

Congratulations to the Y4 football team as they became champions of the Wilson Stuart Active Society football tournament that was held on 21st October 2015.



Year 5/6 Football League:

Won: 1

Lost: 1

Drew: 0




The cross-country runners have had two races. All of our runners have shown progress over the season as they have improved their finishing positions over the two races.



Tag Rugby:

Well done to the Tag Rugby team. The players improved with every game at the rugby tournament on 19th October. The team narrowly missed out on qualifying for the second round.