Banners Gate

Primary School

Opening the gate to learning for all


Welcome to Banners Gate Primary School


Welcome to the website of Banners Gate Primary School.


Banners Gate Primary School is a community school for pupils from three to eleven years of age, maintained by Birmingham Local Education Authority and well supported by dedicated governors, staff, PTA and parents. We are situated next to the Bridge Special School, Longmoor Site and have established strong links with this school to the mutual benefit of all the children. Our pupils enjoy spacious, exciting playgrounds and a large, pleasant playing field with hills for the children to explore.

Our Mission Statement: Opening the Gate of Learning for All.

Banners Gate Primary School exists as a place where children are at the heart of everything we do. We see each pupil as an individual and support them in achieving their full potential. We ensure that all children can work in a secure and safe environment where they learn to respect each other, their families, friends and of course themselves.


At Banners Gate we are a happy family community set in beautiful, leafy surroundings where we enjoy working together and strive to gain the best from each child.

We aim:

  • For all to feel valued, and to value and respect others.
  • To build an inclusive school, which provides a supportive environment where everyone is able to develop, and in which cultural and social diversity is valued and celebrated.
  • To have an open-door policy in order to promote a strong partnership between parents, pupils, staff and the community.
  • To motivate and enthuse learners by providing opportunities for all to be successful, fulfil their potential, identify strengths, and achieve personal goals.
  • To generate high expectations in all areas of school life whilst fostering a continuous enthusiasm for learning.
  • To develop an increased awareness of belonging to a global community.


We want our children to be motivated, responsible and well behaved.

With your help, we will provide them with the necessary skills to achieve this.